Our firm proudly carries an excellent reputation. The majority of our attorneys have been with the firm for more than ten years. We work well together. We collaborate with one another and the client experience is one where clients are comfortable and want to work with us. Typically, our clients know several of us and are able to call on all of us, not just one attorney. We believe that matters.

Our firm's relatively small size allows for our attorneys to know what each one of us is working on, even if not directly involved in a particular matter. As a result, someone is always watching out for you no matter what. This team approach enables us to answer our clients' most pressing questions in a timely manner and to serve our clients as efficiently as possible.

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Simply because something makes sense from a tax standpoint does not mean it makes sense from a client's or family's standpoint.  We believe that clients need to be comfortable with any plan they are creating; they need to be able to sleep at night.

Not all firms give you that.

We strive to be as communicative and as responsive as possible. Our attorneys listen and are able to put even the most anxious client at ease, making what can sometimes feel like a complicated process a relatively smooth and pleasant one.

Schlesinger Lazetera & Auchincloss LLP is a firm that cares about its clients and is determined to do the best job possible for them during what is often a difficult and stressful time. We are knowledgeable, compassionate and thoughtful in our advice to clients.

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Everyone at our firm is focused on doing impeccable trusts and estates work, and our attention to detail comes across in our final work product, be it a Will, trust agreement or estate tax return.